Social Media Listening Telling your success story by hearing

Social Media is all about conversations driven at both the brand and customer end. Conversations that make it easy for the brand to understand customer needs, Conversations that make it easy for the audience to get to know the brand’s approach and understand the underlying message. Talking is important on Social Media. But so is listening. Your brand might be focused on conveying the message and then abondon the rostrum. But what if people actually want to reach out to you? This eBook is an insight as to how Social Media Listening is a benefit for your brand. Also, highlighted is how Lathesis can help you in this context. The key points of the eBook are – 1. What you can hope to achieve from Social Media Listening exercise? 2. When should you start with Listening? 3. What are the basic advantages of listening apart from issue resolving? 4. How can Lathesis, an expert in Social Media Listening, help your brand achieve the desired through our listening and analysis services?

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Twitter Engagement – Everything you need to know

The microblogging site Twitter has both the power and proclivity to make things visible and viral. It is a 140 character revolution that gives brands an opportunity to create their own persona. If you are missing out on Twitter, you are missing out on most. Don’t know where to start from? Not clear how Twitter for a person is different from Twitter for a brand? Exactly what should you do on Twitter to get your brand some leverage? Or is your brand not achieving the desired buzz? Download our ebook to get to know all this and much more and make your brand’s Twitter account, its most powerful asset. This ebook will enhance your knowledge of Twitter in following ways- 1. Your basic understanding of how Twitter can actually work in favor of your brand and how you can influence your brand’s visibility, popularity and image will increase 100 folds. 2. Some very actionable tips for you to follow which will not only make you realize why your brand might not be gaining the adjuration and can you make it possible without going at lengths. 3. Impressive examples on how brands are already gaining mileage from their smart use of the network.

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Social Media Marketing Agency – An 8 pointer guide to hire “The One”

Social Media is the new locution for people to connect, share and explore. Brands have realized this too and therefore, Social Media has become animmanent part of their Marketing strategy. And for the approach and methodology to be absolutely accurate, Brands often hire a Social Media Marketing Agency. But is the one you are hiring actually up for the job? Will hiring them yield any positive results for you? What should you focus on while hiring “The One”? To know all the right questions you must ask the agency upfront, download this guide for free. This guide will be your walk-through regarding the following points – 1. The prerogative of being social for your brand since the reach of social media is quadruples times more than conventional platform. 2. Your major concerns while hiring a social media agency and the exact points you should dig for in their resume to check their level of expertise and competency in handling your brand and its image. 3. Interesting examples of how some brands accomplished the excellence on Social Media through the timely thinking and response of their agencies.

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