Social Fanzine #7

Heard that little something, “Don’t worry, I’l be there always.”? Yeah, well Facebook is all set to say exactly those words to Australians very very soon. The Social Brand has finally launched the “legacy” feature which lets at least one person, whom you may approve, to access your account even after you pass away. How cool is that! So this way, either the account of the person would be shut down on the behest of his/her family or changed to a more appropriate remembering state. This is yet another step by the Facebook to immortalize a person. All a person has to do is go to the security option in the setting and select the “My Legacy Contact” and you are all set to hand over your account to someone you love and deem fit to handle your precious account.  So saddle up Jim and Ema, you might get Aunt Floria’s account to handle as part of her legacy. When a multi-millionaire comes knocking at your door and wants to buy something that the world thinks would do you no good and you are better of selling it, but you don’t and are tagged as an arrogant person, ladies and.

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Social Fanzine #6

Did you miss anything on Social Media last week? Well, sure you tried not. But then even if you did, this week’s Social Fanzine is right here for you containing all the top stories and events you might not have focused on. Well, Social Media, apart from many other things, also helps people get together. Social is the new cupid it seems. With more and more people turning to Facebook and dating apps such as Tinder for finding their soulmate, it is no shock that these apps are gaining a lot of traction. Now when it comes to love, even gay guys are as much entitles which is why Grinder is such a hit with over 5 million users. But now after getting a lot of users hooked up, the app is also ready to settle down with a suitable partner. Yes, Grinder is looking for a potential investing partner. Not that the app is not stable or relevant, for that matter as the users are required to pay an amount of $12 per month to use the app, it still wants someone to lean on. Facebook determined to make it the ultimate platform for everything, launched video call on.

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Social Fanzine #5

Social has power. Facebook has proven it yet again. After the “mark safe” button, they introduced the “Donate $2 for #NepalQuake relief”. And this lead to a total donation of $10 million. Well, this is Mr Zuck, and this is the power of Facebook. So yes, all the people saying Facebook is a thing of past could not have been proven wrong in a better, more precise manner. Facebook is the ultimate Social Media Giant. This week had a lot of new and not so subtle social media tremors. Some channel had a crisis while the other proved its worth loud and clear. Meerkat, the underdog of livestreaming is determined to be the rabbit of the race it seems. After locking horns with Periscope on the iOS interface Meerkat has taken a plunge into Android. Yes, android users, your days of hearing the buzz and not being able to have a taste of it are over. Meerkat is very well available to you now. The channel has once again left behind its strong competitor Periscope and launched first on this biggest platform of, mobile interfaces. And now is the time when the real battle begins and the undisputed winner would.

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