Data Visualization for Social Media

Data Visualization for Social Media

“The greatest value of a picture is when it forces us to notice what we never expected to see.” John Tukey, American Mathematician

Social media can be said to be the most powerful tool to pass or obtain information. Anyone who’s spent any time on social media knows that sharing visual content always results in higher levels of engagement. You could be collecting data in spreadsheets, organizing everything and then exporting that data into graphing software, to change that random social media data into a business insight.

Social media experts believe that understanding the impact of social engagement, and then turning that understanding into ROI, is a key element to social media success. Here are some types of social media engagement that can be visualized:

  • Key influences within a topic space
  • Key engagers within a topic space
  • Key engagement activity (plus one’s/likes/favorites/shares/comments etc.)
  • Top posts
  • Best days and times to share for a specific topic on a specific network
  • Most used hashtags and keywords associated with the topic


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