Benefits of Social Media Listening

Social Media Listening- the key to achieving much more than just presence on social media.         Social Media is an always on process. The buzz, the activity is ever-happening. Once a brand is able to make their presence felt in the social media atmosphere, there starts a lot of hubbub which is the essential goal for all brands at the end of the day. But, on more than one event, brands find themselves in the midst of the void when they are not being able to communicate effectively with their customers. The audience stop paying attention to them, or maybe their posts are lost in the vast ocean of other social media glitz and bling. When did this happen, brands often wonder. It happened exactly when you stopped listening. Because, like all other interactions, Social Media is also a two-way street. And so, listening goes hand in hand with talking. Social Media Listening is one huge activity that might seem unnecessary and off-putting if the benefits of the same are not realized. It is a thank-you-manna-from heaven and the reasons for the same are very much impressive and significant. 1. Know your Brand’s Standing and Status- More often than not, brands find it difficult to determine.

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