Redefining Reddit – Social Media platform that brings profits

Redefining Reddit – Social Media platform that brings profits

When it comes to Social Media, the default names that come to one’s mind are, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. That’s where you find your friends, favourite brands and iconic personalities to follow. Reddit is never considered as a plausible platform for any kind of branding. But all this is bound to change with the ground-breaking activity, the introduction of Reddit app. This will make the platform a shiny front face of Social and bump the opportunities by miles.

It’s a platform with over 36 million users, over 240 million monthly unique visitors, and in 2015 had 83 billion page views. It’s the 25th biggest website in terms of traffic when it comes to social platforms. However, a number of brands have tried and failed to crack Reddit making it not an easy win.

With many brand fails on Reddit, there’s usually a consistent factor – they are trying too hard to market their product. Redditors can get pretty creative when shutting down a blatant marketing attempt that stand alone with hard sell in a tough bid to outshine competitors. Hence, such strategy needs to be avoided at all costs.

In order to flourish on Reddit, brands must add value to the conversation by being authentic and offering something of use, be it expertise, something the community hasn’t spotted before, or just a bit of humour. Redditors are a savvy bunch and if you aren’t authentic, you’ll get torn apart and do more harm than good. But contrary to popular belief, Reddit offers an engaged global community with huge potential reach opportunity for brands who get it right.

There numerous examples of brands who have shined bright on the Reddit horizon, such as Ben & Jerry’s, Amazon and Spotify. Reddit is a platform that forces brands to surrender their story-telling and focus more on what the audiences want to hear so your marketing team is set to be on tenterhooks. It’s one of the best social channels around for targeting people who are truly passionate about specific topics and offers a great listening tool for brands to understand how their customers converse around their passion points.

So go forth, try something different, and give it a go. You might be surprised with what you find…


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