Social Fanzine #10

Social Fanzine #10



It has been quite some time since any activity related to food gained some real traction in the market. Of course, we have dedicated platforms for food to connect but how much of this actually pays of is a question we all struggle to answer. But finally the networking giant Facebook has an answer. It will now show food reviews on restaurant pages. The reviews would be relevant, Facebook says. However, how would the relevancy be determined is not something the platform revealed. This move would help Facebook gain reputation of a tool that proves useful in determining restaurant reviews.

Instagram has launched the carousel ads globally. These ads allow the brand to shoe 4 pictures in a row to weave a story. Previously these ads were only available in US but now they are available for brands in UK, Brazil, Australia, Germany and France.

Snapchat has released some user data figures finally. These figures are said to be the true measurement of customer engagement as of now for the platform. The daily active users on the platform as quoted by CEO, Evan Spiegel, are close to around 100 million. About 65% are floating their own content on the platform which means that the usage of platform to connect with peers is more as compared to the usage of platform for interaction with brands or celebrities.

Amidst all this, the claims of Line have been substantiated with data. Line is indeed the fastest growing social app as of now closely followed by Facebook messenger. There is a 57% increase in the active users year by year. Facebook messenger has shown a strength of about 53% increase in active users by making the app version compulsory for the users. Next in the count is Snapchat going strong with 45% increase in active users. The last in the race is Vine with only about 22% increase. Some say this is a result of live-streaming becoming such a buzz. Also, videos are now an integral part of various other networks too, such as Instagram and Facebook.


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