Social Fanzine #12

Social Fanzine #12

Happy Fourth of July to all US-based readers and subscribers! Nothing says “God Bless America” better than blowing those Chinese crackers.

Moving on to the social fill of the day, Snapchat went down for an hour and all the millennials were scared out of their wits. All the filters and posing and pouting stopped as several Snapchatters complained that they were not able to send selfies to their family and friends and found it extremely hard to get through Friday! They were able to view existing stories, though. The company said it was investigating the issue on its official Twitter account but declined further comment.

And Facebook, the big daddy of all social channels has over 11,000 bots on its messenger. These bots contribute big time to the betterment of the channel. These bots will also help make the conversation more seamless and also provide you more control over how you use the app. Let’s stay tuned to what more changes might come up and how that affects our usage of the app.


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