Social Fanzine #14

Social Fanzine #14

What a week! During 2006, we had huge hopes of mankind, thinking we would have discovered a cure for Cancer and sent a man to Mars already. Come 2016, and all we have is Pokemon Go!

That’s right, the viral game app is making huge rounds and people are actually reacting to the madness quite rampantly. In last week, the game already had 6 million mentions on Twitter. The location-based game, which came out Thursday, uses augmented reality to place Pokémon characters in the real world for users to find and collect. The mobile app became immensely popular almost immediately and is already causing small businesses to tweak their in-store marketing. Tech vendor Similarweb predicts the app will amass more daily active users than Twitter in the coming days.

Facebook has started testing another redesign of its desktop Pages that omits the ads that normally appear on the right-hand side of the page. Also, the channel is getting more of an ad campaign through its video marketing. As the video is expected to bring in over $10 billion in digital ad revenue this year, according to e-Marketer, publishers see the video as the number one trend affecting their businesses.

Google’s foray into social media hasn’t been a successful step yet. But the giant has acquired content sharing start-up Kifi. It builds extensions to “collect, organize, and share” links found in various social apps. Google might be looking forward to shaking things up through its latest acquisition and all eyes are on its latest attempt at the same.


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