Social Fanzine #8

Social Fanzine #8


Hello people. How are you all? As for Social Media, it has been really cool week. With heat soaring up in whole South-East Asia, we really need some coolers and breezers from Social Media at the very least.

And the 1st in the rack has been provided by Pinterest. The DIY photo sharing channel now wants to make some money. Behold, the “Cinematic Pins”. Cinematic Pins are so much like Promoted Pins with the only difference of them being in video format. And they would very well blend in with your postings too. Many big names such as Wendy’s, Target, Visa, etc. are playing up on Cinematic Pins. The format of these pins would be different too. They would depend on how quickly a person scrolls through the feed. If the pause is long enough, the videos would play as opposed to Facebook videos. Last year, Pinterest raised $500 million through global funding. And this seems like their honest effort towards more profit. Though, it hasn’t been disclosed how the Promoted Pins are doing.

When it comes to Twitter  the network has rules about it’s users privacy. But guess what, Google  just made your tweets searchable. Yes! Now the tweets can be searched very well on Google. The browser giant rolled out the feature for both iOS and Android users. Now, you won’t have to go directly to twitter to search tweets by your person or brand of interest as they will pop up on a simple Google search. This makes it easy to get to know the twitter activity by a person or brand without having to create an account. The one benefit for the Twitter birdie in all this is getting an opportunity to reach a wider audience, something the network desperately wants. And one more thing, the change would begin appearing from Tuesday for US audience as a first phase.

And for the last one, the gamer in us would be doing back flips reading this. Facebook messenger is now a platform to play games. Facebook has so far been using it for curated content and creative but now the platform is open to all developers just as a shot at what all creative and out-of-box or revolutionary people can do on the platform. Already, an array of services such as call, video call, payment, etc. is available to the 600 million users of Facebook messenger. With so much going on, it only makes sense that Mr. Mark would incorporate more to the giant.




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