Social Fanzine #9

Social Fanzine #9


It is the first day of June. May’2015 has already ended and there are bound to be revolutionary and basic, both kind of changes in Social Media with the new month starting. But before that, taking a look at the last week of the May and the new it brought.

Facebook very much wants to and strives to remain in the race of the number 1. And this explains their new introduction of GIFs. Yes, now you can share a status GIF or troll your friend by posting it to their walls. Also, the GIF’s would be visible to the app users too which is good news for smartphone addicts. With almost all the major Social networks already into GIF’s, it was only obvious for the giant to jump into the wagon too. But the experience would be little different. First of all, as of now there can be no GIF uploads, only GIF links can be posted. Secondly, the GIF’s shared from Tumblr are not being shared on Facebook, the link reverts to the page. So, there needs to be some fixing done.

But, why is there so much being added to Facebook? That is because the latest survey has revealed that more and more people are likely to visit their profile instead of being active. The active users number of the Facebook as plummeted to a meagre 46% of the total population with most of the action occuring elsewhere. This is reason enough for the giant to worry significantly and resort to major measures for the same.

Not long back has Google included tweets in the search too. And now Twitter itself has brought about a new search desktop interface. The interface follows seemingly new and more extensive algorithm to display tweets. Also, images are given a clear priority. With this filtering out the unnecessary is also quite advanced and extensive.

YouTube has brought up some good news for the marketers and viewers alike. The video sharing channel has rolled out the new ‘click to buy’ button along with ads. The button which has been a massive success in its trial period will let the viewers shop the promoted product directly form the website by simply clicking the button shown and highlighted with the ad. This would save viewers from the unnecessary trouble of navigating and searching. With this increase of comfort level, viewers would be more motivated to sale which is a positive for the marketers.


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