Sports & Social Media – A fine blend

Sports & Social Media – A fine blend

Copa America 2016 is blowing steams and the refuge is offered by Euro Cup 2016. Cricket series and tournaments have kept the world hooked and the greatest fan following often belongs to a popular, aggressive sport person. But when was the last time, when you actually sat through the entire excitement of the match and forgot about it to large extent once the frenzy left you? Or can you really claim to be absolutely naive with the famous figurines of soccer even if you are a die-hard golfer? Everybody knows even the minute details of Sunrisers V/S Royal Challengers even if they show zero interest in Gentleman’s sport. And all this has become possible with the onslaught of videos over social media. Sports fans are still at least twice as likely to be tuning in to sporting competitions on TV or larger screens, showing the importance attached to watching sports games live, rather than on catch-up. But nothing can knockout the clear potential for online growth. GlobalWebIndex’s research has found many as 1 in 4 self-confessed sports fans watch the World Cup online and a fifth watch Olympics coverage on the web.

The truly global reach of social platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter enable one to log in and watch even in remote locations and catch those minutes of adrenaline rush even while sitting in their cubicles meeting deadlines. GlobalWebIndex’s data shows considerable numbers of social networkers are already turning to the web to watch sports coverage or highlights. More than two-thirds of Twitter users and 70% of Snap chatters report doing so each month. Given that many of these networks are already go-to points for sports discussion and live updates, their potential to become the main hosts of sports coverage and highlights is clear. Add to this, the inclusion of live video feed over Facebook and Twitter, and the possibilities just sky-rocket catering to broadcasters looking for a more youthful tapping and breaking the barriers of the need of big screens.

For the time-being, Social Media is a definite complement to live TV broadcast. But, there is a surety that these platforms will graduate to a bigger role and the world of Social and Sports will intertwine effectually.


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