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Social Fanzine #17

Even though Instagram has brutally cloned Snapchat, there has been no dent on the popularity of the little white ghost as of now. Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom admitted it himself, that Snapchat deserved all the credit for Stories feature. But has Instagram really managed to kill the competition?

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Social Fanzine #13

With the start of a new week. All the social channels have had some or the other changes which are sure to impact the users, no matter how big or small. Taking the instance of Facebook and its privacy policies for violent, grisly and graphic content shared in the form of videos. The recent Minnesota shooting victim Philando Castile’s girlfriend captured a video and uploaded it to her Facebook feed. Even though Facebook removed the video for about an hour to review it, the video was back on with a warning message to proceed with caution. The privacy policy of the channel states that only videos “glorifying” violence is banned from posting and not videos “containing” violence. This makes the line between the two extremely think to walk. On the other hand, communist champion China has banned sites from publishing and sharing news through social media. The country’s famously strict Internet rules have made it very hard for the social channels to enjoy any freedom leading to various limitations. Google has already receded from the nation. The new law explains that every news publication must be thoroughly checked and verified before being shared. Social channels are tuned to any further.

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