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Social Fanzine #15

Another week has passed and a lot of has happened around us. Fortunately, we are here to inform you of all new that has occurred in the field of social to help you catch up. The first big thing is, Facebook going those extra miles to help you celebrate your birthday better. The network has launched a new video tool that automatically creates a video the day to showcase photos and messages from friends. Additionally, the feature also weaves a video containing wishes in an attractive and more concise format to make the entire experience even more savoury. Once the feature goes live, the users will be able to view the video after their birthday on the top of the news feed in the form of a 45-second clip. Users will also have the liberty to share it on their wall. Twitter, on the other hand, is testing a new way to create tweets in its iOS application. The test moves the app’s tweet composer to the top of the timeline of the user. Other media, like polls, GIFs and location info, are still available when you tap into the composer itself. If Twitter will continue the changes to its.

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Social Fanzine #13

With the start of a new week. All the social channels have had some or the other changes which are sure to impact the users, no matter how big or small. Taking the instance of Facebook and its privacy policies for violent, grisly and graphic content shared in the form of videos. The recent Minnesota shooting victim Philando Castile’s girlfriend captured a video and uploaded it to her Facebook feed. Even though Facebook removed the video for about an hour to review it, the video was back on with a warning message to proceed with caution. The privacy policy of the channel states that only videos “glorifying” violence is banned from posting and not videos “containing” violence. This makes the line between the two extremely think to walk. On the other hand, communist champion China has banned sites from publishing and sharing news through social media. The country’s famously strict Internet rules have made it very hard for the social channels to enjoy any freedom leading to various limitations. Google has already receded from the nation. The new law explains that every news publication must be thoroughly checked and verified before being shared. Social channels are tuned to any further.

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Social Fanzine #12

Happy Fourth of July to all US-based readers and subscribers! Nothing says “God Bless America” better than blowing those Chinese crackers. Moving on to the social fill of the day, Snapchat went down for an hour and all the millennials were scared out of their wits. All the filters and posing and pouting stopped as several Snapchatters complained that they were not able to send selfies to their family and friends and found it extremely hard to get through Friday! They were able to view existing stories, though. The company said it was investigating the issue on its official Twitter account but declined further comment. And Facebook, the big daddy of all social channels has over 11,000 bots on its messenger. These bots contribute big time to the betterment of the channel. These bots will also help make the conversation more seamless and also provide you more control over how you use the app. Let’s stay tuned to what more changes might come up and how that affects our usage of the app.

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